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What People Are Saying About The CV Express Service:

"The CV Express service is great. I can see how much better my CV can be just by 3 simple tips. I am now going to purchase the CV Booster deal and get my CV looking first class. Top guy with quick and totally valid responses. 10/10"

"I tried out Dave’s taster for a CV review and the initial nuggets and tips gave me a fresh perspective on how to present my CV and get quicker responses from recruiters! Why hadn’t I seen this before I kept thinking? I felt my CV had that punch that would get me noticed but I found with Dave I could go a whole lot further and quicker too! Definitely looking to do a full revamp and would highly recommend."

"During this difficult time of the year, as I am forced to sharpen my skill set and profile, I noticed that my CV needs a lot of work but I was not sure where to start. Getting in touch with Dave and working with him really helped me to identify the gaps in my CV, and his suggestions and feedback are very valuable and it feels like he is speaking from a lot of experience. Dave is very prompt in responding and is really great to work with. I have purchased the CV Booster now, because I am sure that it will be very valuable for me if Dave could do a detailed review of my CV and recommend updates in detail. I truly believe that the money spent to purchase the CV Booster will be really worth it."

"I’ll be straight with you, I had my doubts about what you could say that would help, which was my own short sightedness as this is brilliant. Thank you! I’m genuinely impressed with your insight and tips and will implement them immediately."

“I took advantage of the CV Express service provided by Dave and in return I got some good tips to help me improve my CV. I am sceptical of such services having used a few in the past and received conflicting feedback. The advice from Dave was more aligned with knowledge I have gained over years of continuously improving and tailoring my CV, and the most valuable feedback was confirmation of what had been nagging in the back of mind. That was a huge benefit to me and having changed my CV and spoken to a few agents I get consistent feedback that my CV is strong, clear and it is obvious what I do. I highly recommend the small amount of money for the CV Express.”

"I really recommend the CV Express - the 3 changes Dave recommended were simple but effective that changed the emphasis on key areas of my CV."

“Thanks for carrying out the CV Express review, some really great pointers which have given my CV a much more concise and professional feel. Well worth the small fee.”

"Thank you David for the invaluable pointers you provided for my resume via your CV Express service. It’s enabled me to showcase my skills, experience and qualifications with a simple few changes."

"Highly recommended! After receiving feedback from multiple recruiters/companies where they were saying my CV was too wordy or just out of date, Dave took the time to review my CV and provided valuable feedback. Dave was not only very quick in providing his feedback, but his input added so much value that I noticed a massive turnaround in feedback received from recruiters. I benefited from his review massively that I was even able to secure a new contract within two weeks after this review. I would definitely recommend Dave to boost your CV!"

"Everyone should use the CV Express. David has an amazing ability to look through a CV and pull out the parts that need a makeover. I'd recommend it to everyone."

"I thought my CV was up to a high standard and David confirmed it was, however David did pick up some key points during the express CV review that I had overlooked and only his experience would have caught that. Well worth it, thank you David."

"I recommend the CV Express service to all my friends and colleagues. I feel a lot more confident after the changes were made to my CV. I found David's quality of service to be top notch."

"This made me see my resume with a different lens and make the required changes. The resume looks neater and combined with other job search tips have helped me increase my visibility."

"The CV Express is well worth the investment, having been in the contracting game for a while now its always useful to get a critical eye across your calling cards. It's easy to get blind to simple errors and the CV express helped me rectify those errors."

"David’s CV Express service provided me with some great feedback and helpful pointers on my CV that had been missed previously and also gave me the confidence that my CV was in pretty good shape too! I would recommend David to anyone who is looking for some help or even advice on what shape their CV is in to use the CV Express service."

"Through the CV express, Dave suggested many changes that I have incorporated. While some of them were pure common sense, there were some gold nuggets as well which lent a lot of weightage to my CV thereby increasing my chances of making it to the first rounds of interviews. I would definitely encourage job seekers to touch base with Dave to polish their CV and improve their chances in this competitive market."

"Really clear advice with easy to implement suggestions. Equally important feedback given on strengths of your CV. I’d recommend the CV Express and CV Booster service to anyone looking for their next role."

"Dave helped in spotting out some things in my CV that I overlooked, the feedback was very useful, I will definitely advise going for it"

"To be honest, I was initially hesitant as to whether it would add value, assuming that my CV was good enough to get through the ATS process with my broad and vast range of skills and experience. However, later realised I wasn't getting the attention/response anticipated, lacked in a few areas and hence struggling to get noticed as a result. After taking some free CV reviews online which made no progress, I came across your LinkedIn post and started with the Free CV Review (as a test pilot) and was very happy with the feedback you provided; surprised that other service providers I used were not able to do this! This gave me a boost to further enhance and improve my CV, to consider the CV Express service which has made a big difference, polishing my CV a great deal whilst resulting in better outcomes than previously. Thank you for the splendid service and support."

“I’d had my CV reviewed before, but the CV Express gave me simple tips that really made my CV flow in a far better way. It’s great value for money and within a few weeks I had three job offers on the table! I can highly recommend it.”

"Your CV Express service is excellent. There was an instant improvement on my CV by just making those three changes you advised."

"Advice on the CV Express were spot on. How I could not see those obvious mistakes! After making all the changes, my CV looks much better after the changes."

"Even if you have put a lot of thought and your CV has been working out for you, the second look of an experienced IT contractor like David will always provide a valuable perspective and things you didn't even consider before. It did for me and I strongly recommend David Gerrish"

"Thanks for your help refreshing my CV through your CV Express Service, I was sceptical about what improvements you would be able to suggest. I knew my CV wasn’t perfect, but until you pointed out some areas of improvement and layout, I was very happy with it. The points you raised were all implemented and the results are fantastic. It now looks so much more professional, and it’s layout is much improved, I’m over the moon with the finished product, and the price was also a bargain for a much clearer, cleaner and concise CV. I have already been shortlisted for a new position so fingers crossed."

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