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Full CV Review & Feedback - Minimum 2 iterations

I will email you a full list of recommendations for you to consider changing.

Decide what you want to change, then send it back to me for a 2nd pass to ensure you've made the changes, and more importantly, not introduced new problems!

Also includes:

  • A copy of my latest live CV (to copy if you want to)
  • Example CV (to copy if you want to)


What People Are Saying About The CV Booster Service:

"The CV Booster service is great, actually it’s just what I needed. I’ve seen how opportunities can be easily lost for the smallest things... Best money I have spent so far this year for improving my CV. I’m definitely seeing great results."

"Thank you for taking the time to go through my CV. Some of the suggestions you have made are so simple, yet make such a striking difference. As someone who is relatively new to contracting, your insight has blown my mind TBH. Looking at the CV here compared to my old one it's completely different."

"I have just purchased the CV Booster Service and the results are more than I could have wished for. My CV is 10 times better than it was before. Thank you. I am now looking to test this CV and secure some exciting opportunities. Definitely recommend everyone who feels like their CV could be better to purchase the CV Booster Service. 5 star service with super fast responses that are simple to understand."

"I highly recommend the CV Express and CV Booster services from Dave. All the feedback and comments are spot on and insightful. It helped me a lot to enhance my CV in the most authentic way."

“I highly recommend David’s CV Booster service. Initially I purchased the 3 tips which immediately highlighted things I would have never thought of. I really appreciated the value and decided to pay for the full review with the knowledge that David offers real value for money and I was not disappointed. On the initial pass I received feedback on 50 items plus an offer of a 2nd review. This 2nd review revealed details that I could not spot despite reading my own CV dozens of times. His attention to detail is absolutely impeccable. For me personally this has been a real boost to my confidence, I have spent countless hours wondering whether my CV hits the mark, worrying about it, changing words one way, reverting back, repeating. I now feel I have a baseline CV which I am confident to send. The value of this far exceeds the amount I have paid out for this service, thanks very much David.”

"I have just applied updates to my CV following the guidance provided from Dave’s CV Booster service and the resulting document has completely exceeded my expectation! Dealing with Dave is very easy, he is very approachable, a great communicator and genuinely has a passion that the service he provides gives a real improvement and benefit to his clients. This is a service second to none and I would recommend to everyone."

"Thank you for the great services. All points you mentioned about my CV looks right and great and I couldn’t find them by myself. I extremely recommend everybody to use this review service and make life easier to find better contracts."

"My CV had got a little stale and hadn’t really changed format since I became a contractor, so I asked Dave to help me update it. He gave me loads of suggestions and really took the time to understand what I was about. We did a couple of passes through and now the changes are complete my CV looks loads cleaner, more punchy and powerful. I’d definitely recommend Dave’s CV Booster review."

"Historically I was quite comfortable with my CV and have helped many people in the past with developing them. However these were for permanent roles and prior to CV's being reviewed by keyword and robotics. With Dave's help and guidance I can see a major transformation of my CV which has helped to highlight my strengths and make it so much more user friendly for potential contract roles. Highly recommend his service."

"What a turnaround to my CV after the CV Booster review. I never imagined these small and subtle changes will make such a huge difference to the look and feel of a CV. The power of words suggested by David made a huge difference. Very reasonable charge for such a comprehensive review, and it's worth every penny. Thank you, David.”

"Great job David. The good thing about the service is that it gets you really thinking about your CV and direction in how to fix it. I got Top CV to redo mine last year and they made it worse. So with good guidance and a template you can do it yourself and much better. Mine looks awesome now."

"The CV Booster service really highlighted how my CV had aged. The recommendations really showed how cluttered my CV was and made great recommendations to freshen things up. The excellent review made my mind up to go for the CV Makeover which made my CV really pop. I have already had several comments from prospective clients and peers on it's excellence."

"Think your CV is good and served you well over the years? Think again, Dave's thorough and forensic examination of my documented 20 odd years experience highlighted so many constructive and well informed comments and suggestions for change that will ultimately make my CV better. Friendly, honest and extremely helpful, thanks Dave!!"

"Having been a member of the IT Contracting Academy for several months, I had seen numerous posts from people commenting on how impressive the free CV advice provided by David was. Finding myself with the need to search for the next contract, David reached out to me to offer his free CV advice as a first step. I took up the offer and he gave me a few key pointers. After careful consideration, I decided to pay for the full CV Booster review on the assumption that the cost would be worth it if I managed to secure that next contract with the updated CV. David sent me a very long email with nearly 100 improvement suggestions, which has enabled me to re-create my CV. I would highly recommend using the free CV advice service. You have nothing to lose. The CV booster is a good add on if you want the full review with more suggestions that you may not have thought of."

"During the 2020 (first lockdown) I connected with Dave and asked for a full CV review and got more feedback than I'd bargained on! My CV was a mess! I took all the advice, made changes and haven't looked back. I now receive responses to approx. 80% of applications that I make (previously approx. 30%) and I have also noticed an increase in views of my LinkedIn profile. Thank you for getting me noticed, a good job well done."

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