I created this course to help IT Professionals learn all there is to know about IT Contracting based on more than 25 years experience as a successful IT Contractor all over the UK, Europe, Asia & Australia.

The course is aimed at those wanting to go contracting for the 1st time, or people contracting already that simply want to expand their contracting knowledge to improve things for the future.

So many IT Professionals I know get stuck in their permanent jobs, either expecting or hoping things will improve, waiting for that non-existent pay rise, that elusive bonus, or that great opportunity.  The things we're hoping for often don't materialise and then you realise years have literally flown by.

I know, because I was exactly the same back in 1994.  I felt underpaid, undervalued, unhappy, restricted by the work I was forced to do, the lack of holidays, the lack of control, and I knew the company didn't care about me.  It all culminated in me taking them to court (you can hear why on the course!).

I created this content to help those of you that are maybe only a few steps behind me (in the contracting sense), so you can learn everything I know about contracting and about being a successful IT Contractor.  You'll learn everything I've picked up along the way, the mistakes I've made, the highs and the lows, I've included it all, nothing is held back.

The course is professionally shot and live edited, with full professional sound facilities.  It's an interview style, fast-paced course covering a lot of crucial content, where my colleague Theo attempts to ask all the questions you (as the viewer) might want to ask.  Theo is a former professional TV presenter who now runs his own video production company.

I truly believe that if you're interested in becoming an IT Contractor then this course can help to change your life.  I've already helped many people transform their lives, providing them with more money, more freedom, more time and more confidence.

Take a look at the course outline below.

There's also 9 Quizzes comprising 44 Questions - so you can test you fully understand the content...

And I've also created 10 Worksheets with 94 Questions - to help you understand everything you need to become a successful IT Contractor.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

David Gerrish

IT Contracting Academy

  • 13 Videos

  • 9 Quizzes

  • 10 Worksheets

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  • Course Introduction

  • Module 1 - IT Contracting Fundamentals

  • Module 2 - Is IT Contracting Right for You?

  • Module 3 - Preparing for IT Contracting

  • Module 4 - Accountants & Finances

  • Module 5 - Getting Your 1st IT Contract

  • Module 6 - In-Between IT Contracts

  • Module 7 - Getting Your Next IT Contract

  • Module 8 - IT Contacting Away From Home

  • Course Summary

  • IR35 Webinar Summary - January 2020

  • IR35 Livestream Q&A - April 2021

  • IR35 Update - May 2022

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